The Company

Founded in November 2007 and based on research that was initiated at the Hebrew University in 1989,  SP Nano’s technological and scientific development team has developed an innovative nanotechnology for the production of superior composite materials.

SP Nano has found a cost effective way of combining one of the strongest and lightest structures known to man with structural fabrics, namely carbon nanotubes (CNTs). CNTs are as hard as diamonds, 100 times stronger than stainless steel and 6 times lighter. Using its proprietary SP1/CNT protein technology, SP Nano has achieved a technological breakthrough in the industry – binding CNTs to fabrics such as carbon fibers and Kevlar™. This technique is a doorway to many more material combinations.

The company has demonstrated its technology using carbon fabric, a critical component in high-end strength-to-weight industries such as construction, transportation, aerospace, wind energy and sports equipment. The unique technology has many other applications, including to glass and aramid fabrics, and can be implemented in various industries. The company plans to concentrate during the coming years in the composite materials value chain companies.

SP Nano has also received investments from leading global Venture Capital firms and investors, and in addition has signed a joint development collaboration agreements with one of the world leaders in the Rubber industry.