Aircrafts and missiles manufacturers are striving to make the aerospace components stronger, tougher, and longer lasting. The industry is also seeking to reduce weight in an on-going bid to reduce fuel consumption and, by extension, operating costs. Further, pressure for air travel to be ‘greener’ has also come to bear. SP Nano unique SP1/CNT technology enables the aerospace industry to meet such growing demands. Our technology improves mechanical or electrical properties and enables  multi-functional properties (e.g. lightweight conductive nanocomposites).





The market for alternative energy technologies has grown significantly in the last 20 years and is now of increasing importance. Carbon Nanotubes are enabling major research breakthroughs in wind and solar energy, fuel cells, thermoelectrics, batteries and supercapacitors, which are now beginning to translate into tangible products.

SP Nano is offering a variety of solutions for reinforcing wind generator blades to dramatic increase in capacitance – using its unique SP1/CNT technology.




The automotive industry has already embraced carbon fiber and is developing and using a widespread of applications for lighter vehicles to be able to reduce CO2 footprint and therefore, energy consumption.
Structural reinforcement materials to decrease weight, tires with desirable properties for higher durability, reduced weight and reduced rolling resistance, paint additives and thermoplastics reinforcement parts are becoming common in many vehicles. SP Nano is offering a widespread of solutions for the automotive industries.