Who are we

SP Nano is a nanotechnology company commercializing the use of nanoparticles in components and products made from composite materials. SP Nano’s patented technology, which includes its proprietary SP1 protein, utilizes a genetically engineered protein to create self-assembled nanostructures with carbon nanoparticles, such as CNT (Carbon Nanotubes).
The SP1 technology provides excellent dispersions of carbon nanoparticles without adding chemical modifications (that interrupt the molecular structure of the nanoparticles, thus weakening their properties) or detergents (which are necessary in large amounts and interfere with downstream applications).

SP1 enables composites nano-reinforcement through dispersion in the resin and/or fibers coating (structural fabrics made of carbon, aramid, glass etc.).

The unequalled dispersion technology unleash the huge potential of carbon nanoparticles in applications that require excellent properties, such as thermal and electrical conductance, wear resistance, mechanical properties and high specific surface area (e.g., thermal interface materials, coolants, batteries, supercapacitors, electrically conductive textiles, conductive inks, cosmetics, tissue engineering, coatings, adhesives, composites, paints and smart textiles).

The dispersions can be made in Water, NMP, DMSO, DMF, Ethylene glycol and Glycerol.