Docor International Management (Netherlands, Israel)

A subsidiary of the Van Leer Group Foundation, Docor International Management is a leading international venture capital firm, with offices in the Netherlands and Israel. Docor has direct investments in 23 portfolio companies and its strategy is to become actively involved in the management of the companies in which it invests. While investing in young companies with post-seed technology that is nearly proven, Docor provides an international business network and leverages investments. While staying involved with the companies through their initial stages of growth, Docor provides skilled management support and models professional business conduct.

L&S Venture Capital (Korea)

L&S Venture Capital manages a number of venture capital funds established at the initiative of and financed by the Korean government in collaboration with the private sector. The fund’s shareholders and investors include senior executives and companies in Korea’s leading industrial sectors (semiconductors, information technology, screens, cellular communications, vehicles and media), and most of its investments are in technology companies in their infancy.  L&S has expanded its activity to the cleantech industry and is active through partners in Israel, the US and Europe. L&S was recently chosen to manage two new prominent investment funds – the Korea Venture Investment Corporation (“KVIC”) Fund and the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy’s MKE Fund. L&S was also recently appointed by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy to manage a government initiated and funded mentoring program for Korean startup companies on its behalf.   SP Nano was L&S’s first investment in Israel.

Heliant Ventures (Australia)

Heliant Ventures is an active add-value venture capital fund, backed by Albany Capital, a $2 billion Australian single family office and other investors from the Asia region.  It provides end-to-end support to its portfolio companies, including leveraging its Asia/Australia relationships to open up sales channels.

iNetworks 360 (Hong Kong)

iNetworks 360 is a Hong Kong managed technology fund focusing on Israel, a global leader in technology and innovation. With an experienced network of partners and advisors in Asia and Israel, it supports its portfolio companies by helping to open up new markets in Asia and supporting their ongoing capital needs.

Maayan Ventures (Israel)

Israel’s leading early stage investment group and technology incubator, Maayan Ventures ( was established in 1990 and privatized in 2003. In 2005, Maayan Ventures became the first incubator to be publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). In July 2006, Maayan collaborated with Rotem Industries to expand its outreach and investment platform by acquiring other incubators to become the largest investment incubator in Israel.

Galilaea Group (Israel)

The Galilaea Group is a privately owned boutique investment firm. Its main focus is on IT, green energy and environmental friendly technologies.

Galilaea is concretely present in both Israel and Europe and has solid connections with the biggest conglomerates in Europe. As part of its business model, the group plays an active role in the business development of its portfolio companies, assisting them in the definition and implementation of their go-to-market strategy.

International Venture Investment (IVI)

International Venture Investment is an investment company formed by a small group of European businessmen.