A subsidiary of the Van Leer Group Foundation, Docor International Management is a leading international venture capital firm, with offices in the Netherlands and Israel. Docor has direct investments in 23 portfolio companies and its strategy is to become actively involved in the management of the companies in which it invests. While investing in young companies with post-seed technology that is nearly proven, Docor provides an international business network and leverages investments. While staying involved with the companies through their initial stages of growth, Docor provides skilled management support and models professional business conduct.



Inspiralia is a New Product Development (NPD) company offering a 360º service that covers concept generation, innovation strategy, technology and product development and market launch. Inspiralia serves hundreds of clients in a range of industries including materials, electronics, automation, healthcare and agriculture. Inspiralia is headquartered in Madrid with a presence and partners in London, Milan, Paris, Tel Aviv and the Nordic region. Toro Ventures established is the corporate venture arm of the European product development group Inspiralia, headquartered in Madrid, TV provides financial advisory, strategic investment and business consultancy services to clients from a wide range of industries in Europe.

Consolidated Investment Group (CIG) is a leading-edge investment company managing a large, international portfolio. Since its founding in 2003, they actively invest in real estate, capital markets, private equity, and philanthropy. CIG’s Capital Markets division oversees an investment portfolio of nearly $1 billion dollars. We invest across the asset class spectrum to build an investment portfolio which consistently generates superior risk adjusted returns over long term time horizons.

iVentures Asia is a Hong Kong managed technology fund focusing on Israel, a global leader in technology and innovation. With an experienced network of partners and advisors in Asia and Israel, it supports its portfolio companies by helping to open up new markets in Asia and supporting their ongoing capital needs.